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Information Security

Information Security

MPG brings compliance and agility to meet the evolving demands of information security practices and techniques. Our approach provides assessments, design strategies and a results-driven holistic approach to safeguard organizational data from misuse.


Technical Strategy and Enterprise Planning

Our planning capabilities  are centered on providing improved compliance with Federal IT security mandates. We help organizations assess current security practices, provide recommendations for improvement and develop mitigation strategies.


Program and Project Management

MPG delivers mature information security services through effective program and project management. We incorporate a management approach that is iterative, adaptive, scalable, highly collaborative, and drives synchronization of stakeholders and technical teams throughout the cybersecurity services life-cycle.


Business Process Analysis and Optimization

Guided by Federal Government and Industry best practices, we perform an in-depth review of the As-Is environment, identifying threat and attack vectors, and analyzing impacts and risks.


Testing & Evaluation 

We apply Agile testing methodologies that support the overall health of programs, reduces the impact of risks and allows our clients to achieve their objectives.

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