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Information Management

Information Management

MPG's Information Management capabilities are centered on robust information interoperability standards that promote usability, data sharing and integration. We leverage enterprise information industry standards to optimize efficient and responsive data management capabilities for information/data creation, capture, distribution, and consumption.



Technical Strategy and Enterprise Planning

Our Consultants and Technologists collaborate with all stakeholders to provide data planning and strategy development support. We establish, implement and monitor data standards to facilitate operational success. 


Program and Project Management

MPG delivers mature information management services through effective program and project management. We promote collaboration, improve information sharing, and institute continuous improvement to establish and drive predictable delivery of high quality information management services.


Business Process Analysis and Optimization

We analyze your current and future data needs, determine whether the required data should be independently gathered and stored, and assist in defining the steps to implement any required data-sharing relationships. The emphasis is on producing actionable recommendations to improve the way data flows within your organization and those entities you collaborate with.


Testing & Evaluation 

We apply Agile testing methodologies that support the overall health of programs, reduces the impact of risks and allows our clients to achieve their objectives.

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