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Enterprise Shared Services

Enterprise Shared Services

MPG’s capabilities include approaches to maintain operational integrity of shared system environments and improve consistency, efficiency, and strategic alignment of dependent agency objectives and related IT solutions. 



Technical Strategy and Enterprise Planning

We deliver expertise on the entire lifecycle of enterprise shared services; develop architecture models enabling system modifications and technology insertion; and verify the systems perform as intended in the shared environment. Our capabilities also feature infrastructure engineering planning support to allow responsive, secure, and scalable enterprise architectures to optimize business processes.


Program and Project Management

MPG's management methodology features integrated governance, risk management, and monitoring techniques to improve strategic alignment of related systems.


Business Process Analysis and Optimization

MPG analyzes business processes to evaluate cost factors and overall efficiency and value. We provide guidance for implementing the needed and approved changes, so you can actually see the benefits of the analysis.


Testing & Evaluation 

We apply Agile testing methodologies that support the overall health of programs, reduces the impact of risks and allows our clients to achieve their objectives.

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