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Trust • Collaboration • Productivity


MPG's mission statement highlights the guiding principles established to serve our clients. Our vision describes how we will fulfill our mission while emphasizing our core values. Our values propel us to achieve our goals while promoting team work and perseverance to push through in times of uncertainty.

Rooted in our dedication to integrity, collaboration and operational excellence, our company is committed to mentoring and developing each employee, setting him or her up for success. We champion diversity and believe our unique stories and backgrounds strengthen the value proposition of our corporate brand. 


Mission Statement

Merzier Process Group optimizes the value of enterprise solutions while addressing deployment, utilization and effectiveness of business and IT missions and capabilities.



Our vision is to establish a wide-reaching and responsive IT consulting firm that implements efficient, secure, timely and cost-effective IT services and programs.



Our employees are proudly committed to the following core values:

  •  Meritocracy
  •  Enthusiasm
  •  Reliability
  •  Zeal
  •  Integrity
  •  Efficiency
  •  Respect

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